Uniting Spirituality and Recovery.

Healing is about choosing to show up for yourself.

Discover why spiritual growth is so important in
having a healthy, happy, successful life.

Are you feeling called, ready to finally break free from what has been keeping you stuck, and ready to go to the next level?

Trisia Kimmy’s guided Modules take clients through a process of spiritual learning, change, and self-discovery.

About Trisia

Spiritual Teacher and Healing Guide

Through a multi-level approach, integrating spirituality into recovery, Trisia Kimmy works with clients to achieve a sense of self that enables them to show up confidently in every aspect of their life. Her intuitive process awakens passion and inspires hope – a growth pattern that is required to heal our world.

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As some of you may already know, I have struggled A LOT with mental health, depression, and anxiety.

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Why a morning ritual will change your life

Morning Rituals are one of those things that ends up changing your life. That is not an understatement or an exaggeration.

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