Can We All Just Spread Love? (The Answer Is No But Let’s Try Anyways)

Pretty cup of pink tea

I think in our day and age we really need to remember that everyone is different. No two people are the same – even though we often share some commonalities. It is so easy to rip someone apart for how they handled a situation, and it is so easy to say mean things to someone that has a different opinion then us – you’re wrong, I’m right.


Why does it have to be our way?

Why can’t we appreciate others who have a different outlook on life?

Let’s imagine this. How freaking boring would it be if we ALL thought the same things and were creepy little clones? It’s scary to think about. Our differences make this world so beautiful – we are all so unique and add our own secret sauce to the world. It’s pretty powerful to think that there is not one person on this earth built exactly like you. You are the only you. No matter how similar someone might seem, they will never be you.

Talk about shining a new light on purpose and meaning.

Whenever someone is crossing my path that sees things a little different then me, I respect their opinion. Yes, I may not always understand it, but I don’t need to. They are on their own journey and they will understand and see things how they need to in order to get them where THEY need to go. I will see things and understand them how I need to in order to get ME where I need to go.

Our beliefs will grow and evolve as we do. More often than not, they will change and we will learn something that lands with us a little better than before. It’s that simple (I know your mind just got blown).

Can we all agree in the craziness that our world is in today that we all need to appreciate and love each-other for our differences instead of attacking each other?