Are you ready to have it all?

Are you…

  • Ready to hit your goals and start living your dream life?  
  • Ready to drop the struggle and make life as easy as possible in all areas?
  • Ready to stand in your truth, power, and have unshakable confidence? (Goodbye unhealthy relationships, debt, and problems; hello true love, true friends, and true happiness!)
  • Ready to fully love and accept yourself and your body? (We'll transform you from being your biggest critic to your number one fan!)
  • Ready to live with intention and purpose? (Think loving getting up every single morning because you love your life and job!)  
  • Ready to change the story you have been telling yourself that is keeping you small? 
  • Ready to live a life full of abundance, love, and ease?

If you responded yes to any or all of these, then you’re definitely ready to work one-on-one with Trisia!

Here’s what you can expect:

3 Month Coaching Package


What you get:

  • x12, 50-minute private coaching sessions with me to lay out the framework of bringing your dreams to life. 
  • Unlimited support from me. You will have access to me via Facebook Messenger or email, and as funky shit, limiting beliefs, obstacles, or anything starts to come up for you, we can work through it quickly together, or I am available just to answer questions you may have to ensure FAST results.
  • Weekly Oracle Card with a message from your guides and angels, along with an affirmation to stay focused on throughout the week. 
  • A daily check-in where I will send you a message every day (Monday-Friday) to see how you are doing and how I can support you that day. 

$3300.00 CND *payment plan also available

Trisia coaching client on computer

Intuitive Mediumship Reading

What you get:​

  • ​45-60 minute in person or phone reading
  • guidance and validation from your loved ones that have past, showing they are with you ALWAYS and have not missed a single thing. 
  • following connecting with your loved ones, I do a tarot card reading for you, giving you guidance and direction moving forward to live your best possible life.

$100.00 CND

Trisia coaching client on phone

My Job

My role for the three months that we will be working together is to facilitate and give you all the tools you need for REAL, TRUE, and LASTING change.

As you probably already now I’m all about helping you create the life you want and hitting the goals you want NOW!

No more waiting, no more excuses, the time is now — all your have to do is decide. 

During our time together we will be focusing on three key principles, which I believe are the groundwork for living the life you truly want:




By the end of our time together you will feel strong, confident, and empowered in who you are, your gifts, and you will be able to create anything your heart desires. 

Things to know

For Coaching Clients: This is an intense fast-paced three months, with one session a week. We will be breaking through your limiting beliefs, old stories, patterns, and habits that aren't serving you — this will happen very quickly in order to get you creating and living the life you want ASAP.


Trisia Kimmy is pleased to also offer online courses designed to get you back on track in specific areas of your life. These courses consist of multiple focused modules, as well as additional benefits including a one-time 60 minute deep-dive coaching session with Trisia and lifetime access to Trisia Kimmy’s website Modules. These courses are only opened for registration twice a year!